Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Redshoes WANTS TO DANCE from park to park to park.

This morning I went to the Occidental park.There were many people trafficking today because I came a little later than usual.I worked immediately with water-body- bag image with Jelly fishes floating around under my skin. I am following my jelly fishes, playing and busy in my condition including the face.Yes, its the weirdest excersize. They are tiny, these jelly fishes, moving agianst the walls of my skin, in the membraines of my face, of my chest... they can travel through down to my toes, through my knees, it pushes against my skin, and some times floats. The jelly fish is the only reason I am moving.This is one of the tool for Butoh, my friends Yuko Kaseki & Shinichi Koga taught long time ago in their workshop.The movements ends up quite small, and to keep it soft, is challenging. But also its not just about the body awareness, I also must use the space, the be constantly seeing the surroundings. I can choose to be still...or constantly moving..diffrent speeds playing with my imagnation of diffrent sizes and quantity, the quality of the Jelly fishes movements... or I can stay to choose in one thing for a long time.. or I can surprize my self by adding more element of images on top. I also practiced the projection in space with all this.. This subtle and very concentrated movements always made me so cold that i had to go into the image -play of "Someone abruptly pulls my arm or grabs my hip and twists it un expectedly" game.It looks like you are a ragdoll being yanked around quite violently and uncontrollablly spasdic from the outside.One of the people who was watching me dance for a while started to speak.There was first one guy who started asking normal questions : " What are you doing? What IS THAT??" to, " Is that some form of MARTIAL ARTS?" and eventually introducing himself. This is, again while I am dancing.. so I POLITELY answered the questions, while still trying to maintain some what of a Jelly fish dance. Suddenly, there were two men, as I turned around, and he started to ask exact same questions (!) and then the other guy asks:" Do you know KARATE?" I answered, " no." and then he said " I DO." I said, " wow thats great." he said " I KNOW EVERYTHING". I opened my mouth that just hung open "......................" For a second or two, I suspected that there was a BAR across from where I was dancing.. oh yes, goodness this early...
he said " Hey CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER?" and then the other guy who looked like a side kick who generally said similar rantings made me snap and I said," I'M VERY SORRY BUT I ONLY HAVE 45MINUTES MORE I GET TO USE THIS SPACE, SO I NEED TO DANCE PLEASE"and continued on... where was I.. YES, then I worked with water splashing images which is from Noguchi Gymnastics.The Butoh artists I worked with, they always incorporated heavily on Michizo Noguchi's work. His tools was working with images to help our body to understand Gravity not in the left brain knowlege way only, but very unusually in the sensory and observing and physics and natural phenomenon such as how the water flows, or the fabric in the wind, or the way the body releases to the floor like a sensation of an elevatordropping to go to another floor, incorporating all of this in our body, working and listening to how we organize the muscles, the bones, etc.And all of that without using excess or unnessessary muscles- in other words, to be very efficient and also research what the body can move so beautifully. I worked on the images like this over and over until I got delerious.I also started on the contacts of diffrent parts of the feet.This gets you moving constantly and imediately warm.
There was a new musician setting up for the free live music open mic in the public square, and I took a break to listen. It was ........ X-MAS smoothie jazz music cocktail.. as I tried to leave, a bartender from across the square came out with apron on, and asked me if I was hungry, and wanted HOT SOUP. I said " sure! thankyou so much"and looked up at him with NIAGARA FALL watering red nose and frozen hands. I followed him in the bar and he and his friend was nice, they said they went bar hopping the night before and was not feeling very well this morning. After few converstaions about dance and where I dance etc., he wrote his number and contact down and yells at me, " CALL ME, ok? " " ???????? " I said " why?" and I left the bar and tossed the number in the garbage can. I must say, the Occidental park has many adventures, some like this one, but they dp see you, pay attention to you in different ways..even the tourists.. where in the suburb parks, I noticed that some would try VERY HARD to not to notice you.I noticed that. After this session, I changed location and went to train at the Fremont Canal park, directly under the Aurora bridge.I Worked on isolation points.I kept moving my location to where the sun light would hit.I noticed there was a person high above on the mast of the yacht far away on the water.I also saw some people watching me train from some kind of tower building close by, through the blinds, I can see their sillouette.Some friendly joggers smiled while I was training.Many not. Many mother with baby stroller walked by, I can see peripherally. hmm.. this training movements in particular are such subtle and tedious and long that Rex would definitely get bored trying to photograph this! I thought this, and then I took a break.I hope I dont run out of his photos to blog soon! yaay I made it through today, thankyou.

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