Monday, December 28, 2009

December 23rd until now which is the 28th

I just came back from the training in Fremont Canal park.The sun is so warm and soft but my hands got numb and stiff.Goodness, to keep up with a blog is very challenging.One of my hero and neurologist Kenichiro Mogi does this every morning the minute he wakes up in the morning,he plugs the chord from his personal computer and start writing his "Qualia Journal"right at his bedside!He writes about his things from previous day in the next morning.He writes down the things he had experienced, the people he met, and many ideas that crossed his mind from the day before.He claims that while you are asleep, the brain processes unconsciously and organizes it that by the time you wakeup in the morning, your experiences feel much more ripened when you woke up in the morning. (!) I like the fact that he writes his blog as a "experience" output as putting preserving purpose and clear "meaning "to what he had done, a tangible data. Today, I worked with pREcariOUs bALaNce, and stretching the body parts as far out as possible.precaious balance very very difficult. It is quite irritating and interesting to see how the body wants to protect so instantly to not freely fall to the edge.Over and over, the body will try to organize immediately a pattern or habit for the easier, safer way... I remember practicing in a riverwater back in August, and it was the practice of upper body being the edge of balance and the lower body is stabilized walking in the water up till the felt impossible becuase as soon as I fall, the lower body has no weight , grasp or stabilization becuase of the moving water, and when I fell, I REALLY FELL, my legs up in the air,splashing and swallowing tons of water, over and over again. In that way, I felt that was more sincere to the body's experience of being Off- balance..
The STRETCHING THE BODY in torture style- to the maximum limit ( it ended up that way...its hard to breathe, maintaining the balance, and the face starts grimacing unless you start smiling insanely, and then the endorphins KICK In!! and you can go much much more further.. and even beyond.. its a fight with the lazy and easy-going mind that wants to give in and say " nice! ok, thats enough " I wanted to go beyond this person, Haruko with ego....judging or whining or doubting or getting bored in the head!
OK! going back in time the 23rd I went to the Occidental park again to dance.The theme for me that training was "hanging body " and the "haramu" body, the body that can pregnate images, again from the tanden.This time something airy, smoky, or fog, soft movements utilizing the connections from the earth and loosening of the imaginary strings on the head and the limbs.It felt the time slow down so much that I noticed the details of the environment.Sometimes I must be aware that so I do not slipp into the inner sensation too only that it becomes the "oogi-yummi- man" which becomes completely unaware of the surroundings, and where you are in the condition of the image you assigned for your body, and just" I feel good dance", its a lonely, seem like a private thing to watch from the outside.... That day, I went across the street to the Elliot Bay Book store and researched through some black and white photograph books and to my surprize, I found one of the rarest book,Eikoh Hosoe's photography book of Hijikata,"KAMAITCHI" . Its strange I was looking for it for years, and then forgotten, and then lost interest, and then desired it again recently, and here it was, buried in the photography section, seemingly forgottened,I was shocked and excited that I immediately had the book on hold.. strange that when your mind is on a one track focus, you can find even the seemingly impossible things right away.....!! This day, the musician was a bit pushy while I was focused on my training and was talking to me, that I snapped finally, and I surprized myself.I have been experiencing some homeless people commenting, murmuring, watching, and cussing even,yelling, and encouraging me too, which I enjoy.. but this person was NOT interested in my dance....
The next training day was the 25th!!! at the 3rd Ave NW park , across the street from OH NO MR BILLS park. The X-mas day..! There were many people out in the park, playing ball games and frisbee. I felt very very very cold for doing too subtle movements so I thrashed around!Jumped and hopeed around and it was surprizingly a difficult to focus day....! Rex has not been with me for the photps the last couple of sessions, and I miss him. He got too busy from his work, and we spoke of maybe working together in a skating rink next year, through his nephew's hanging ground.I feel grateful for the sun..! my health,my friends, Rex, the people who commented on the facebooks, and my health, my supportive husband Joshua!!! I will keep going and going to my December challenge..! Love, hARuKO

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