Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22nd Accidental/ Occidental park

This morning I went to the Occidental Park in Pioneer Square to train. Another cold winter day, I was oblivious to how close we are all to CHRISTMAS.I was reading the insane book of Kazuo Ohno's training words on the bus... one of the the Butoh dance originators..I know most people are big fan of him rather than the grizzly and perversive repulsive Hijikata. Ohno is seemed to be more considered the "light" if Hijikata is "darkness" and I have always very much felt intuitively and instinctively ( or chemically?) connected with Hijikata in the creative aspect each time I read about him, or seen him in the videos.I remember stepping into Kazuo Ohno's studio in Japan... the students from all over the world was there...some of them tears streaming down there eyes as they watched him speak and dance. He is so beautiful.He is too beautiful for me.But I opened his book again, and read: " Try dancing until your joints might come off.Otherwise, there is no possibilities in your dance.With your whole body, dance like that always." and I got excited :)
This here picture, is Rex Hohlbein's picture, he has been comming to the 5days a week training session in the morning with me for a while, and took these magical pictures!
Today, I met a musician (!) who asked me to dance while he played at noon, so I came to see what kind of music he was playing at the Occidental park, and realized it was some very SERIOUS STRUMMING..including songs as.." she is a wild thing..." Strum, strum, jyanga jyang, jyang,..!!!! its very hard to explain...its a kind of cheesy , very literal awkward thing to dance as a perforamance to... ETC.ETC. I am usually too engrained to be polite, and I was planning to sneak off,until he put me ON THE SPOT with a loud amplified MICROPHONE pointing at me, " SO, ARE YOU GOING TO DANCE?" so..i try to scuttle like an artsy bug or a cockroach, or tried to point like a mime to show" my back.. is ..yes, ah..hurting..so," but he coninued on enthusaitically" How about some HOLIDAY SONGS?!" so I picked myself up and danced to one of his songs...! "HOW ABOUT ANOTHER ONE?!!!" and thats when I did scuttle off backwards with a smile.......

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