Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kids and Dads and Moms and I at Kerry Park

I was supposed to take 3 buses to get to this park but instead I walked a WHOLE LOT and some hills to get to this wonderful City View park on Queen Anne hill. The Photo however on this blog is not the same park photo.It was another frosty adventure with my hands getting stiff but I felt comforted by the childrens laughter and roars and Mothers and Fathers were all out too.Is this the time of year, they are ALL OUT THERE?TOGETHER? It was strange and lovely sight becuase you dont see them all there so frequented. (! )
I heard all the kids conversations as I danced, I must have put myself in the perfect audio-acoustic space in the whole park where it was STEREO.I gently absorbed in their conversations and calling outs to each other as I moved.They said some mean things to each other.And very cute things too.One of the DAd was getting very excited with his Boy kids playing the basket ball shoots and forgot about the tiny little girl.She was saying things that when a person feel betrayed.Today I felt slightly worn out and for some reason,self-conscious when a little child was staring... So much that I started to make my dance PG and PG-13 and not so scary or freaky as normal people say when they see Butoh... at some point I even pretended to be practicing chi-gong and actually REALLY started to practice CHi-gong, and I had to SNAP MY SELF OUT.It was a strange day.. I feel the frozen stiff back muscles, and my right knee getting to me a little bit.People above the park was snapping a lot of photos of the view and I can even hear their conversations Stereo.I had fun once I started to get in the element :) The day was also nice because the sun was out.I am looking forward to the NEw YEars.. and I want to get back to my Aikido classes in Janurary that I started with the combination of my trainings in the mornings.. There are so much I would like to do..!!! Thankyou for today. Hiyaaaaaaaah! ( invisible kick in the cold crisp air )

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