Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My first blog entry

This is my first time starting to blogging about what I do daily, and this winter I decided to start again on a Train-in-the park routine for my Butoh dance practice. I usually practice in a studio, but I ALSO USUALLY PRACTICE IN THE BEAUTIFUL OUTDOORS when I am broke after a big show...and etc. One day I was outside at the Fremont Canal, I met this crazy( sorry, I mean, wonderful )photographer Rex Hohlbein ( which is around December 5th ) while I was training wildly, and I think he seemd to snucked up to me or as if leaped out of no where and clicked some photos with a camera stuck to his face.
He told me later he has thought I was having a seizure or some kind of physical trouble and got worried and came over.But it made me laugh to hear that he brought his CAMERA. That was day one, and he said he would follow me to each morning of my training, and although I appreciated , I was skeptical since I had some funny people express wonderful passionate things like that to sound hardcore, but they never showed up for the deed but
to an amazing surprize, he came the next training... !!!

This was on Capitol Hill at Lincoln Reservoir park

and then ...Tuesday

wednesday.... cold FReezing and freezer-sculpture of Noguchi I am leaning on here..
thursday, friday, etc. I will add those photos soon.His photos are so amazing!!! I will go to sleep now.-Haruko

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