Monday, December 21, 2009

december 18-teaching day

The morning of December 18th was the only day I trained indoors, and just focused on slow movements with breathing and finding diffrent "states " of mind and listening to body.I also practicied to be in the body that is impregnated with many possibilities of images initiated from the tanden, or what you call from the center.I was also trying to find materials to able to give students tools to explore in many diffrent ways, a prepartion for the 4 hour class that evening. The day was wet and drizzly, but I felt strongly to wanted to move with the students in the dark outdoors environment, in the night, in the drizzly and mirky rain.And also very much in silence when we would be outdoors that night.So I walked around the two parks near the Prefontaine street before class (near Pioneer Square Tashiro Kaplan building, where my workshop through DAIPAN was going to be from 5pm ) one is the Occidental park, and two, a grassy park on corner of 3rd Avenue and Yesler way.... The Occidental was where I practiced training before, but this time, becuase it was early evening hours, the information box was closed, and upon asking the two older gentlemen that was sitting right next to the booth box told me to go talk to the Chief.I went to go talk to the chief man and he said, "ofcourse its Ok after hours" I felt happy and went my way to the class.
For this class,it turned out that I ended up teaching about 20 % of what I prepared for today, we ended up going to the park not on the Occidental, but on the one in Yesler... and I also learned something from one of my students that day, she has Cerebral palsy and she was in a wheel chair, I learned
a little bit about her, her focus and will power, and what she wants to try, and what she is determined to do.I also learned a little bit about the disease.We danced together, we also all danced with each other.The Sweat made me feel happy.Great thanks to Sheri Brown for always organizing the workshop, and Rex for taking these pictures for documentation.

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