Monday, December 21, 2009

redshoes and suicide December 21st

This day, someone jumped off the Aurora I was rushing to the nearby canal park to train...the police cars were blocking the roads and told me what has just happened..I danced and looking up at the gigantic bridge, the exploration dance of half-becomming and half-being, my head was affected by some darkness and ominous feelings.... The fully committed dance got lost in its internal head journey.So I let myself receiving quietly inside whatever was comming through me.This was some moments where I truly wished that the magical powers of the redshoes like in the Hans Christian Andersen story to take over, as if possessed, and just madly dance.So I also went for it.I kept feeling the coldness, the chill, everytime I slowed down...
So..the dance trainings in the parks were all taken photos by Rex Hohlbein, the one on the left is at the St.Ignatius in the cold day when the pond was completely frozen ( ICe skate-able! ) and the one below here is the 3rd Avenue NW and Leary Way park, again, in the drizzly rain.

the color one is at the Olympic Sculpture Park, and these sculptures remind me of tall tall industrial ships, exactly like the ones from this cartoon film, "triplets of Bellville"......

The photo if me looking like a creepy irritated child-adult-man is the one I am leaning on the NOguchi sculpture at the Volunteer park on the right!

The one that I look like I am laughing and lying down on an organic rock, that is the pond completely frozen in front of the St.Ignatius church. It was a sunny and painfully cold morning.But I remember being very encouraged and in awe of the extremely enthusiatic and rawdy construction workers near by the Resevoir park up near Pine st on Capitol hill.While I was dancing, they were singing, joking, hollering, laughing, and I remember how cold that morning was too... and then ofcourse the crows... they are everywhere... also seagulls near the canal.. I have been receiving so many inspirations from these trainings outdoors.Sonically, spiritually, emotionally, spatially, and projection :)

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KiKi said...

So inspiring, Haruko!