Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The People in the Project / & the Crazy wonderful people last week

Joshua Kohl of Degenerae Art Ensemble w/ Dohee Lee
Here we are.... just completed mountains of challenges, and we feel like we have just went up a medium size mountain in the snow storm and ice tornado , completing 4 performance showings! Now we are moving on to the next project - the RED SHOES!  GOODNESS WE FEEL SLIGHTLY GOOD!!! or, a little BETTER !! 4 more chapters to go, RACING WITH TIME AND BATTLING WITH ENERGY, FUNDING/STAMINA/PATIENCE/ UNEXPECTED HAPPENINGS/STAMINA ( did I mention stamina...?) INSANITY/ and  slight slight ALCOHOLISM (?!)
Jherek, Terry, Joshua, Dohee, Theresa, Leo and I doing  SERIOUS notes

One above is Ian Lucero, our beloved video artist/documentarian at the site form last week  performances:  ALL Photos taken by Bruce Tom.
Big THANKYOU to the string quartet who jumped in gracefully for two rehearsals and made our evening!!
Brianna Atwell - Viola!
Natalie Hall - Cello!
Kendal Seager -violin!
Karen Halliburton - violin!
Our wonderwoman Olivia Taguinod  at the door greeting and managing the chaos at the door!

Korby Sears ( musician! ) Robin Held (curator of Frye Art Museum ) & Jo-Anne Danzker ( director of  the Frye !)

Jherek Bischoff (composer) preparing for playing his double casio with the string quartet

Leo Mayberry ( video artist) humoring Theresa, our co- tech director

Brianna (viola left ) and Natalie ( cello ) tuning
Karen (violin left ) and Kendal ( violin right )

Terry Podgorsky ( our co tech director ) in my dressing room

Ela Lamblin's beautiful severed limbs musical instruments on the floor with (Miwak,) the protagonist

Claire Branch (stage manager), Theresa Ulrich and  Terry Podgorsky
So... we are now embarking on the next project: RED SHOES as I write this blog. Thankyou audience, for coming and supporting our work. The new piece will be an endurance piece just two dancers/ performers/vocals and physical theater, Dohee Lee and I, with an intense live musiscians/ guest group of performers, and YOU the audience as well, performing among and through out the Seattle's Frye Art Museum. It will also be performed in NewYork as well as the Robert Wilson's Watermill Center. I hope to invite you out for numerous experiments that we have already begun with the public... more later on that.

Thankyou all... said the black ridinghood......

 Mask by Brian Kooser, boots by Kellie Dunn, Costumes by Christine Tschirgi


Jean said...

Go you guys, GO!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like lots of wonderfully rewarding struggle!!!
much love and energy to you, Jean

Anonymous said...

thankyou Jean!! I ama so happy you came to our work in progress showing! I miss our walk already!-Haruko