Sunday, January 23, 2011

project is rolling... team number two!!

Here is Christine Tschirgi  in her studio working on Dohee & my costumes for the shows for the Redshoes. As you scroll down, you will see the delicate and deft details of some of the hand stitched work, dye work, and beautiful fabrics she has chosen and put together to create the garments.

Christine in her sewing studio

Black Ridinghood detail for Chapter one

the girl Miwak's cotume detail with Red ridinghood
 ...There are 5 chapters of this re- imagined fairytale, and a girl Miwak must go through each chapter as a trial/ test of her journey  ( by a mysterious, enigmatic & sometimes menacing shaman ) as one human being on a ride of an insane creative path. Dohee and I are constantly playing multiple charactors, and we are so excited to able to wear her sumptious and eye candy garments that will surely give us wonderwoman powers. She has been teaching me about what a bias cut is- to what smocking means, and also tips for all kinds of trouble on stage! We are eager each time to see her whoop out one after another, a gorgeous artwork.
I would like to thank again, all of the generous doners for the materials!! Christine has also brought in an amazing Kellie Dunn who have been working on our boots for the charactors. They are reaaly amazing.

Speaking of Shaman's costume, our collaborating scuplter Colin Ernst will be making a built- in mic facial mask for Dohee to sing and play with. His mask with a chest harp will be mounted and merged with Christine's Shaman garment. Colin, in the past has been creating Circus Contraption's crazy ride contraptions.
Kellie Dunn's wolf boots for black Ridinghood

On the left- Colin Ernst busy at work in our Frye Commerce Center working on our multiple items. Or.. he is actually posing for the photo. (? ) I will post his work soon!
Today we had a really great music rehearsal.Jherek's composition and Joshua's sounded so intensely beautiful. The string quartet musicians, Karen, Nathalie, Kendal and Brianna and we had a lot of good 2 and a half string rehearsals accompnaying my dance.. Jherek is a wild and remind me of some kind of a cartoon charactor, extremely animated in a kind of a TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE way.He memorized every detail of my Broken-Doll Choreography, and I was so touched he has been reworking some materials after much consulting/re assessing what the dance means to me, and to the piece. Speaking of intensley beautiful, Dohee's voice soared and pierceing, possessing the poor grandmother charactor in the screen- eagerly waiting for the little red ridinghood  :)We all felt the power of her charactor today and got so excited.
Robb Kunz is doing our sound installation for the Swan chapter!
Theresa Ulrich and Terry Podgorsky has been a dynmic tech team for the shows.Without them, we would not have any of these production possible.As I gradually got to know Terry, he is like a true diplomat, and  a kind spirit. I over hear a lot of the consulting, discussion, and problem solvings that go on between him, Theresa, and each team members across the big echoing space. I felt comforted by his presence in the huge wide vast big 6000 sq feet space!


Misty Eve Hannah said...

Wonderful to see the inner workings of this! Such attention to detail, costumes are looking exquisite! What an incredible, soulful process. Thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Misty,
Thanks for commenting! I hope you see our live shows!! -Haruko