Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yumikosan's workshop/Skaters part 2 &Sonic Tales thankyou performance

I finally finished the Butoh intensive workshop in Portland Oregon.  Yumiko Yoshioka, one of my first Butoh teacher, was teaching and leading us students to choreography performance at the very end for a public.She is an amazing performer in her 50s and I have taken quite a number of intensive studies with her over the years and in the states and in Berlin in the past.She has taught me the playfulness and ability to transform into so many beings; a witch, a clown, a demon, an amoeba, a insect to reptile., a maiden who lost her mind. a flower covered in ice shards. She taught the basics of Butoh which I appreciated in revisiting The Noguchi gymnastics with images ..She was extremely grascious and kind to give me extra lessons in her free time.. she kept cooking and sharing  japanese home cooking with me which made me almost cry.We also got EXTREMELY DRUNK.I very much enjoy her own work that she is her own strong artist apart from what is considered a traditional butoh.She was a member of Ariadonne, the first Female butoh troup lead by legendary Carlotta Ikeda.Now she has her own strong troupe called Tenpenchii, and I love how her work with her partner Joachim has been about humanbeing and technology pushed to the limits.My Butoh teachers who I revisit again and again  for their tuteledge has been the people who found an unique language of their own artistry, and also vision.. ( this is important for me to see in a teacher ) and their own artistic professional path that utilizes and pays homage to the Butoh that once was... Their traditoinal training... ROCK SOLID under their belts. As they age, their work only seems to ripen and get stronger. ... Shinichi- Iova -Koga, Yuko Kaseki, Minako Seki. and ofcourse Yumiko..these are my teachers I seem to keep going back to.
.I went out for another training a couple days ago in Seattle,on the 34th and Evanston.. when the sun was shining so warm and bright, not like today, windy and violently rainy.
Last Friday I danced an offering for a small and intimate crowd of our supporters and friends.. a thankyou party for the SONIC TALES and friends. A little bit  of " RED SHOES" was with me, I felt it.the audience were our friends.. their energy so warm and loving. My next project is slowly taking is shape... the re- imagining a story of the original story of the redshoes... One of my collaborators  is Dohee Lee, an artist originally from Korea, a Kyunggi shaman musician/dancer and a percussionist.She has a heart wrenchingly soulful voice that has enormous range and versatility.She is also a dear friend who I hold close to my heart....The rest of the team is Jherek Bischoff, a former Degenerate Art Ensemble member, he has an extremely unique taste in music and  is an orchestral composer who has a quirky and beautiful singing voice, also his own strong vision. Leo Mayberry, also a Degenerate member, a video artist who also has a strong vision and unstinchingly daring perspective creatively is joining me as well as Joshua Kohl,.. his beautiful , ever evolving/exciting compositions and openness to anything new summarizes this incredible potential group and project to come. I am simply terrified...
The photos in this page is from Sunday morning..early.. morning again.. a skater photo shoot with Rex ( the photographer who has been taking the pictures in this research phase of Redshoe Butoh diary).I approached to thank Max, one of the skater in the photo, right before the shoot and he walked away while I tried to talk, in the middle of me talking.He cancelled on me before, and did not show up before that.However,I felt that this guy was trying his best to contribute, I sensed this energy. I sensed an incredible kindness from the other skater Josh, who frequently skated with me.My soul, was however  too worn out from the performance and from the trainings from the night before and all the intensive trainings previously... I think this will be my last adventure here at the Marginal Skate Park gang. I think I am getting more and more clear what I would like to do next and where and how in the adventures I want to take it to. Still,I will cherish these experiences and bring them with me :)


Courtney Thompson said...

i wanted to thank you.
a friend of mine introduced Mandy Greer to me today.. and i found YOU and your collaboration with her and the project that you all did together.
its so wonderful.
it spook a million words to me today.
and dance/movement/art has that kind of ability to speak.
through this cyber land... across the universe on so many levels.
what you doing is so beautiful.
thank you.

Grregg8 said...

Hi Yumikosan, my name is Greg and am a mature age uni student in Australia. I added your RSS feed to my blog several months ago as I found your performace page so interesting. I am in the process developing a research project on Butoh. I am a visual artist, but have long had an interest in Butoh. Would you be interested in providing me with some feedback on what Butoh performance means for you?

You can email me at strifenot@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

dear Courtney, thankyou for your comment!I didnt realizr you comment it on this page, yaay!I love working with Mandy, she creates wonderful work.
Dear Gregg8,
hello, Yumiko is my teacher.Her full name is Yumiko Yoshioka. Please visit her website, and she will surely LOVE to talk with you about Butoh.-Haruko